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At Gawula Securities, we are involved in various social responsibility programmes.

We’ve identified schools in poverty stricken areas and assist with the following:

  • School uniforms for children from poor households;
  • Ensuring that schools have appropriate infrastructure for vegetable gardens; and
  • Identification of children from needy families and offering their families with Christmas food vouchers.


Our services are based on 3 major points:


An excellent reputation for personal services, quality and value through extensive research and a comprehensive database backed up by ten years of experience in procurement and BEE specialisation services.

Gawula Securities pay special attention to the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) of emerging priority groups.This is done out of a recognition that emerging companies often fail in the first five years of their business life. A focus on M&E allows Gawula Securities to ensure that emerging companies are supported throughout their business developmental phase. This gives credit to the client departments by increasing the pool of success stories as far as empowerment is concerned and ensuring quality in service provision.

We feel that a focus on M&E is one tool that places us on a competitive edge as it enables us achieve through empowerment of priority groups.


Our professional customer-oriented consultation provides hassle-free procurement services and great cost savings to the department. We ensure that the client companies have an updated database of fully monitored BEE suppliers who are categorised according to their differing skills. Furthermore, we will ensure that BEE suppliers are rated according to their respective BEE status. We use creative but persistent approaches where appropriate opportunities for BEE spend are identified for client departments.

Our consultants are friendly, professional, and experienced in accommodating the various needs of client departments. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.


With our “ Know How “, we assist government departments; parastatals and companies in the private sector to ensure that wealth creation is in line with the demographics of the country. We use our expertise in empowering black-owned companies in transferring necessary business skills to emerging priory group companies to ensure that they are

Who We Are?


Gawula Securities was first established in the year 1999 by qualified professionals with more than ten years of experience in procurement services and BEE specialization.

We are fully registered under registration number 1999/0190/88/23 and we are members of IPSA and SEIFSA.

Our Offices are Located both in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, we are one of the leading BEE Consultants in the country, providing comprehensive services for client departments to meet their targets on BEE spend through the facilitation of all processes that lead to increased access to departmental procurement opportunities.

Our specialized departments include Training & Development; Research; Accounting & Auditing; Business Development & Management; and the Legal Unit. These departments are headed by qualified professionals, offer diversity of services and work collaboratively with each other to provide the best service to both our client-departments and emerging BEE entrepreneurs, targeting their needs and a long lasting business-relationship.

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